Bobcat Reminders

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  • All Fridays are Minimum Days; students are dismissed at 12:30. SERRF is available at that time.
  • Please make after-school plans prior to coming to school.
  • Office phone is for emergency use only.

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Students should not arrive on campus before 7:45am, as there is no supervision until that time!

Lost and FoundTop of Page

Lost and found items are donated to a local charity at the end of each month. Encourage your child or feel free to come look in the Lost & Found box (located near room 5), if you are missing items!

Safe Pick-Up & Drop-Off
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When picking up or dropping off your students, please:
  • Don't load or unload students from the left side of your car.
  • Pull all the way forward
  • Use a parking spot whenever possible.
  • Don't leave car unattended in red zone.